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Application for Grant

Dear Ministry Student:

The information that follows contains the materials required for you to apply for a grant from our Foundation, which will be awarded to accepted Applicants in the range of $3,000-$10,000 per year (determined annually). 

We consider the conferral of Grants only upon those individuals who are able to demonstrate that they qualify by satisfying the following criteria:

  1. Grants are potentially available to men who are pastoral students and both men and women studying for all other vocational ministries;
  2. Successful achievement, in fidelity to the Gospel, with respect to their academic endeavors involving courses in ministry;
  3. Financial need;
  4. Willingness to be mentored in developing a relationship with one of our Foundation representatives; and
  5. Acceptance into graduate-level theological studies and beyond. 

Additionally, in order to maintain your grant, you must:

  • Be enrolled at one of the educational institutions listed on our website;
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA (viz., equivalent to a grade of “B”);
  • Take a minimum of six credit hours per term (both for the current and the next semester);
  • Notify us if you drop classes or if additional financial aid is received after grant application submission, as that may affect your grant; and
  • Sign a grantee agreement acknowledging the parameters of the grant.

As you consider applying, please review the following information that sets forth what this two-process entails:

Step IPersonal Information/Doctrinal Beliefs/Statement of Faith.  Exhibit I-A seeks certain personal information about you which will give us a picture of your background.  Exhibit I-B contains certain specific doctrinal questions for you to answer in brief fashion that will help us understand what you believe as to spiritual matters.  This will be supplemented by your short essay responsive to the questions posed in Exhibit I-C with respect to the National Association of Evangelicals Statement of Faith

Deadlines for Completion of Step I:
For School Term             Deadline
Fall 2020                            March 1, 2020
Spring 2021                      August 1, 2020

Step II – Financial Information/Letters of Recommendation/Essay/Personal Interview.  If we determine an Applicant has met the requirements delineated in Step I, that Applicant will be invited to proceed further with their Application for Grant by undertaking the following further initiatives posed by Step II:

A.            Personal Financial Information.  Exhibit II-A contains certain specific questions pertaining to your sources and uses of funds which will help us determine your financial need.

B.             Letters of Recommendation.  Exhibit II-B requests two references who know you well, as indicated therein, to write letters of recommendation on your behalf.

C.        Upon invitation, a Personal Interview to take place at the Foundation’s headquarters in Barrington, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago).  Please note that travel and lodging expenses are not reimbursed.

An Applicant whom we accept for a Grant on the basis of Step II will be advised of that acceptance, the School Term(s) covered – and the specific amount of the Grant – no later than two months prior to the School Term to which the Grant is going to be first applied.

Deadline for Completion of Step II:  [Furnished in the communication to you that confirms your satisfactory fulfillment of the requirements of Step I.] 

* * *

We hope that you find this Application Process clear, and ask that you feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We also want you to know that the foregoing has been written with the intention of advising you of the Foundation’s guidelines in handling Applications for Grants as we generally apply them, understanding that they are guidelines only, with the Foundation reserving the right, in its sole and exclusive discretion, to waive, alter or modify any requirements in the case of any particular Applicant or group of Applicants.

Begin the process by clicking the “Proceed to Step #1” link below. From there, you will be applying by completing an online form.

Thank you for your interest in our Foundation.  We look forward to proceeding with you in this Application Process.

222 Foundation
Executive Director
119 North Ave.
Barrington, IL  60010
Email:  info@222foundation.org
Phone:  (224) 655-1902

  • Step #1 Includes:

Exhibit I-A – Personal Information
Exhibit I-B – Questions about Doctrine
Exhibit I-C – National Association of Evangelical Statement of Faith Essay

Proceed to Step #1


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