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Our Board Members

Anthony Tako

Anthony Tako

Board Chairman

Anthony Tako currently serves as an officer, in the role of Board Chairman, for the 222 Foundation.  He is married to  Lindsay, and they have four children.


Anthony is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Illinois and was a financial executive at three international corporations.  He has served on his church board for over 10 years, the majority of those years as an elder, and was a small group leader for over 10 years as well. Because of his desire to see people grow in their walk with Jesus Christ, he makes discipling other men a priority.  Anthony also has a passion for business and financial stewardship and has taught several seminars in the US, Europe, and Africa on biblical leadership and stewardship.

Anthony holds an accounting degree from DePaul University, an MBA from Northern Illinois University, and completed seminary at Liberty University with an emphasis on Discipleship.

Since becoming a Christian over 20 years ago, Anthony has seen the struggle of pastors and those in vocational Christian ministry trying to complete seminary and theological training.  He has walked alongside individuals completing MA, MDiv, DMin, and Ph.D. degrees who are called to serving Christ in ministry.

Anthony believes the opportunities for the 222 Foundation are boundless.  Seminary is a rewarding, but often difficult, season of life for those pursuing vocational ministry.  Some are trying to balance:

  1. Personal growth in their walk with Jesus Christ,
  2. Serving their family,
  3. Vocational ministry responsibilities (Pastors, missionaries, etc.), and
  4. Seminary studies

Anthony is excited that the 222 Foundation enables students to come out of their theological training with the following advantages:

  1. Increased knowledge and wisdom, as a result of mentoring/discipleship relationships.  The 222 Foundation mentoring program encourages student partners in key areas that aren’t often covered during theological/seminary studies. Some example topics covered with student partners are “What are the keys to discipling my family while still serving effectively in Ministry?” or “How do I effectively serve with a Church Board?” or “How do I effectively work and serve within a ministry team?”
  2. Decreased financial burden, post-seminary, allowing them to focus on the ministry to which God has called them to serve Him!
Gregory Kist​

Gregory Kist

Vice Chairman

Gregory Kist currently serves as an officer, in the role of Vice Chairman, of the 222 Foundation.  He has been married to his wife, Tricia, for 22 years, and they have been blessed with three daughters.


Greg is an owner and the Vice President of Sales & Engineering for Combined Fluid Products Company, a leading manufacturing & distribution company that specializes in products used to harness the power of air and vacuum in commercial and industrial applications.

Greg served as a missionary for one year, leading the horsemanship program at a Christian camp in northern Wisconsin.  Greg also served in several leadership roles, including the Deacon Board at the Village Church of Barrington.  Greg’s focus in that role was on assimilation, Men’s ministry, and Local Impact.  Greg currently serves as an Elder at the Bridge Church.

The thing that excites Greg about the 222 Foundation is the long-term impact the 222 Foundation can have for God’s Kingdom through partnerships with the next generation of Christian leaders.  Not only can 222 ease the financial burdens of theological education, but through mentoring, 222 can help prepare leaders for real-life ministry challenges and situations that aren’t normally addressed in seminary.  As Greg thinks about the possibilities of the 222 Foundation, through generations of students and continued partnerships, 222 has the opportunity to help impact people for Christ around the world!

Jim Jodrey​

Jim Jodrey


Jim Jodrey currently serves as an officer, in the role of Treasurer, for the 222 Foundation.  Jim and his wife, Brenda, have been married for 40 years and enjoy their two sons, daughters-in-law, and 5 grandchildren.


They are blessed to have their sons and daughters-in-law living for Jesus Christ.

Before becoming a vocational minister, Jim worked for 28 years in various managerial and executive roles in the travel industry.  Jim has served for the past two decades as a pastor in the following roles:  Business Pastor, Stewardship Pastor, Family Pastor, Campus Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Executive Pastor.   Jim and Brenda have volunteered as small group leaders, coaches of small group leaders and in leadership roles on usher, greeter and hospitality teams.  Jim has also served as an elder, deacon, and treasurer.

Because of Jim’s passion for mentoring, he has led couples and men’s small groups with the purpose of multiplying leadership and mutual care and accountability of members.  He also has over two decades of experience counseling people in the area of financial stewardship and building teams of biblical and financial counselors.

Jim loves how the 222 Foundation is a unique ministry to financially and spiritually help prepare future pastors and seminary graduates to succeed in their calling of serving Jesus Christ.

Dana Leahy​

Dana Leahy


Dana Leahy currently serves as an officer, in the role of Secretary, for the 222 Foundation Board. She has been married to Bill for 25 years, and they have been blessed with 3 daughters.


Dana currently serves as the Office Manager at her church. Prior to this role, she served in various positions including middle and high school English teacher and Women’s Ministry Director.   Dana has also had the privilege of serving on a couple of mission boards.  Over the years, the Lord has blessed Dana to mentor various women through Bible study groups and spiritual friendships.

Dana is excited to be a part of the 222 Foundation because of its vision to address two prevailing needs of many graduating seminarians who are starting out in ministry:  financial health/stability and spiritual mentors.  By financially investing in the lives of seminary students, their burden of debt is lightened, enabling them to devote a greater degree of their time and focus to ministry.  By spiritually investing in them through mentorship, their personal devotion to the Lord will flourish, equipping them to minister to others out of, not only their seminary training but also their spiritual abundance.

Todd Berge

Todd Berge

Todd Berge serves as the Senior Pastor of the Bridge Church in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.  He and his wife, Jeanne, have four grown children and were volunteers in youth ministry for years.


Todd worked in construction until 2008 when he responded to the Lord’s call on his life to go into full-time ministry.  In the fall of 2013, he left the construction industry and focused on planting the Bridge Church.

Todd earned a degree in Biblical studies from Moody Bible Institute and a MDiv from Liberty University.

He is excited to be on the Board of the 222 Foundation because he has a passion for mentoring and shepherding young people to grow as followers of Jesus Christ and also for equipping interns and students with the tools necessary to grow into future Christian ministry leaders.

Dave Corning​

Dave Corning

Dave Corning has been married to Betsy for 43 years.  Dave and Betsy have three children and ten grandchildren.  Dave has been in the insurance industry as an employee of CFM insurance for over three decades.


He has served in a wide variety of ministry roles, including over 30 years as an elder.  Dave also loves discipling men and has led discipleship groups for men desiring to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and taught classes to equip those who are new in their faith in Christ with the tools necessary to grow in their walk with Him.

He has a passion for mentoring and discipling and has been involved in elder training in many church plants across the United States.  Dave also serves on the Elders Council for the ministry Five Stone Churches.

Dave loves the Church of Jesus Christ and sees the 222 Foundation as an opportunity to encourage and support pastors and those pursuing vocational ministry.  Dave feels the 222 Foundation gives him a wonderful opportunity to be a part of building the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on this earth.

Adam Gascho

Adam Gascho

Adam and his wife, Bethel, have three high school-/college-aged children. With both a B.A. and M.A. from Wheaton College, Adam currently serves on the pastoral staff of the Village Church of Barrington with his primary responsibilities being in the areas of youth ministry and missions.


The Gaschos were missionaries in Germany with Greater Europe Mission for 16 years, where they engaged in church planting, evangelism, discipleship, leader development and training, refugee work, youth ministry and mission leadership.

Adam is passionate about spreading the name and renown of Jesus and multiplying disciples, leaders and churches around the globe.  He believes strongly that 222 Foundation will be instrumental in equipping and multiplying Kingdom leaders, which led him to join as a mentor and board member.

David Norbeck​

Dr. David E Norbeck Jr

Dr. David Norbeck has been married to Antoinette for 30 years.  They have two grown children. He is an Orthopedic Surgeon and has worked at Lake Cook Orthopedics in Barrington since 1989, a division of Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. He currently is semi-retired and works part-time.


He has been an Elder of Village Church of Barrington for 8 years and was Chairman of the Elder Board for 6 of those years. Before that he served as AWANA Commander for 4 years. Dave is currently Elder Chairman of the Bridge Church and serves on the preaching team. He spent 5 years attending Trinity Evangelical Divinity School both full and part-time and graduated in 2017 with a Masters in Theological Studies.  Dave has mentored and discipled many men over his years of service as Elder Chairman.

Dave sees the 222 Foundation as a great opportunity to help future pastors and ministry leaders get off to a good start with less debt.  Dave is also excited to do one-on-one mentoring with the young men in seminary who God will lead to partner with the 222 Foundation.

Lance Rodgers

Lance and his wife, Susan, have three grown children. He is a senior partner in a law firm and practices business law with a specialty in tax. Having converted to Christianity from Judaism, Lance is active in evangelism ministry for Chosen People Ministries.


He earned his undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard.

Having mentored rising attorneys at his law firm and helping them with work/family balance, he is excited about the 222 Foundation and is looking forward to imparting to young people who are launching their career what has been taking him a lifetime to learn:  that the focus on career, family, advancement as an end in themselves is a ticket to nowhere. Only a Jesus-centered life can bring fulfillment. Seminary students need to be reminded of this as much as everyone else.

Lindsay Tako

Lindsay tako

Lindsay worked in the real estate field, selling residential properties and developments in downtown Chicago for 5 years.  She has been involved in her local church in various capacities over the years, including helping begin and serving in a MOPS program, leading a small group with her husband, and working on the hospitality team. 


Lindsay also invests a lot of time in young women in high school, college and beyond, helping them to discern God’s calling on their life and pointing these ladies toward Him.

Lindsay is excited about how the 222 Foundation will free up pastors and missionaries to be able to do the work God has called them to without the extra burden of a debt load.   Lindsay hopes that the financial and mentoring partnership will also help to enable those called to missionary work get to the mission field sooner and minister more effectively.  Lindsay is also excited that the 222 Foundation provides theological education opportunities for the many women who are serving in their churches in different capacities.


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