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Mero Guirguis

Mero Guirguis

Executive Director

Mero Guirguis serves as Executive Director for the 222 Foundation.  He has been married to Thay for eight years.

Mero earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago. As a management consultant with a focus on growth strategy for the last 28 years, he has worked with 50+ organizations ranging from Fortune 20 to privately-owned middle market to newly established startups.  He has learned the key to delivering meaningful impact is not only to be collaborative but to draw out the collaborative instincts of others – within executive teams; across functions and business units; and across partner organizations up and down the value chain. 


This leadership style unleashes directed creativity and stimulates effective implementation.  He continues to hone this approach with a group of business leaders that meet monthly to discuss servant leadership in the workplace.

Over the past 20 years, Mero has served in a variety of ministry roles – including teacher, preacher and small group leader.  He has also led ministry initiatives, such as guiding a 15-church coalition to develop outreach programs in Chicago.

Mero is excited by the role the 222 Foundation will have in sustaining a thriving Church by allowing those called into ministry to focus on ministry … and do it well.  Relieving the financial burden of a seminary education is the baseline.  Equipping ministers with practical wisdom that can only be acquired through mentorship will dramatically improve their ministry and have a direct and positive impact on the Church.


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