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Does the future of the Church make you feel hopeless?

Seminary students are increasingly dropping out. Only 40% of all graduates are in ministry after five years. If we do nothing to reverse this trend,

More seminarians will graduate with crushing school debt.

More pastors will leave the ministry within five years of beginning.

More churches will weaken and close.

It is up to individuals like you to help turn the tide. You can do that by donating to the 222 Foundation.

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Help Us Prepare Future Leaders for Ministry

Get rid of that hopeless feeling and make a difference for the future of God’s Church.

Finances and Academics

Seminary Scholarships help reduce the amount of stress that a seminary student experiences allowing them to focus on their academics and graduate with less debt.

Emotional Health

Mentors play a unique role in helping ease the emotional burdens of seminary and ministry by providing much-needed wisdom and counsel.

Spirituality and Professional Development

Mentors meet with students and often continue the relationship after seminary with a special interest in their spiritual growth and professional development.

At the 222 Foundation, we know that you want to help build a healthy Church for future generations. To do that, you need a way to equip future pastors for long and fruitful ministries.

We believe God commands the church to prepare future leaders for ministry. We understand financial burdens and life’s challenges can derail a seminary student’s longevity in ministry, which is why we mobilize financial donations to provide scholarships and mentoring for qualified students.

We’ve already helped over 30 students at four different seminaries graduate and enter into ministry, and we are currently helping over 50 students complete their seminary studies.

Here’s How We Do It

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Donate Today, so you can stop worrying about the future church and instead start watching the church grow stronger for your children, grandchildren, and many more.